Do penis pumps really work?

Can a penis pump help for those suffering with ED? And can it really make your penis bigger?

Do penis pumps really work?
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Do penis pumps really work?

As penis pumps have been said to have a two-fold effect of its user—maintain harder erections and increase the size of your junk—the question in the title can only accurately be answered by breaking down the query into two parts.

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So, can it help one in achieving an erection? Yes! Can it make your D any bigger? No. Well, slightly—but only for a very short amount of time.

You see, the main and only true pragmatic function of a penis pump is for it to be used to help you get it up if you have difficulty in doing so. Contrary to what some retailers might tell you, penis pumps cannot make your private parts any bigger.

How does a penis pump work?

Essentially, a penis pump uses suction to draw blood into the penis by using a vacuum effect. Suctioned blood fills the blood vessels in your penis which causes it to swell and, in turn, become erect and even appear larger. Though the gains are temporary, penis pumps are a less expensive and legitimate way of treating erectile dysfunction when compared to ED medicine such as viagra.

To optimize the effect of a penis pump, it is recommended to contain the pumped blood by 'locking it' in the erect penis using a constriction ring placed at the base of the penis.

Are penis pumps safe to use?

Generally speaking, yes they are safe but some precautions must be taken into consideration. You should not be using a penis pump if you have a pre-existing penile condition, such as priapism (extended painful erections).

You should also be careful not to pump too much air pressure in the cylinder as this could cause mild bleeding under the skin's surface. They should also be avoided if you have a blood disorder, a history of blood clots or take blood thinners. Finally, if you decide to couple your penis pump with a penis ring for maximum effect, you should avoid having one on for upwards of 20 minutes at a time.

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