Activists embark on ‘Small dong march’ to normalize tiny penises

Several demonstrators insisted they were actually well-endowed, but attending the march as ‘allies’.

Activists embark on ‘Small dong march’ to normalize tiny penises
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Activists embark on ‘Small dong march’ to normalize tiny penises

Dozens of protestors took to the streets of Los Angeles last Saturday to protest what many men are ashamed to admit; that small penises matter.

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The size of the march may be unlike nothing compared to others you might have seen or partaken in, but it what you do with that counts.

'Own That Truth'

The demonstration was organized by YouTube Stars Chad and JT with an aim to end the stigma associated with having small penises. While promoting the penile protest on Twitter, the organizers said:

Some people are embarrassed to show up. If you have a small dong, the truth will come out. So own that truth.

The protestors - mostly men- assembled in the area at 10 in the morning and marched through the streets with attention-grabbing placards and chants.

Some of the signs ranged from witty to crude:

All dongs are created equal!... My dong is not a choking hazard.

Others held up homemade posters claiming Jesus Christ and Tucker Carlson both had small penises.

As small as the girth of the turnout was, several of the demonstrators insisted they were only there as allies, claiming they themselves are well-endowed, the New York Post reports. There were some women protestors there as well.


What is going on in Los Angeles? Nothing surprises me anymore from California. 😂

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Well-endowed Allies

Though men with smaller-than-average appendages may face some shaming, they do make up for it in other ways. Ever heard of the saying, men with small penises tend to overcompensate with flashy cars? Well, there is some truth to that, at least according to this report.

Last year, an OnlyBuy survey found that the biggest earners tend to have the smallest penises.

According to the report, men with 3-inch members - the threshold for a micropenis - made an annual income of about $76,780 on average, while those with 4-inch penises were more likely to be promoted.

Ready to own your truth?

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