Kama sutra: The sex position that all men love but women hate

Men and women don't always agree when it comes to sex... And according to experts, there is ONE sex position that is not at all unanimous!

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This position is called ‘reverse cowgirl,' and it's safe to say it's far from being the preferred position for women. Allow us to explain.

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A position that appeals to men but much less to women

Men say they are very fond of this position since they can admire their partner’s body. Moreover, this position favours a curvature of the penis in the vagina, which allows the man to benefit from additional sensations. But women prefer not to do it, and for good reason... Balancing astride their partner, the position requires quite a bit of exercise!

One woman on Reddit:

‘If your partner hasn't been blessed by nature, his penis will keep falling out... And if the problem isn't the size, then it's the pain because the penis does not enter the vagina straight. And it really hurts.

Hundreds of her peers also took to Reddit to complain about this position, which for them is unpleasant.

Too dangerous a position?

Another reason women don't like this position is that they, unfortunately, don't get any pleasure from it, and the ‘reverse cowgirl' can in fact be quite painful. Journalist Ali Eaves in Men's Health magazine:

It's one of the most painful positions, your leg muscles ache, and you hope you don't break your partner's penis in half.

While the reverse cowgirl position is not at all popular with women, it is also dangerous for men! It is said to be responsible for 50% of penis fractures... So, men should think twice before doing it!

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