75% of women masturbate while their partner is asleep next to them

Three out of four women have masturbated while their partner is sleeping. Allow us to explain!

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Female masturbationcan still be a taboo subject for some. However, more and more women are talking about their sexuality and solitary pleasure. JOYClub conducted a study to find out what their ‘solo sexual behaviour’ was. The least we can say is that women are making up for lost time!

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She touches herself while he sleeps

In order to find out more about this solitary pleasure, which ‘is as much a part of everyday life as brushing your teeth,’ JOYClub, an adult social network, conducted a survey of 2,000 women and men. Habits, frequency, duration… every kind of question was asked. This study revealed its fair share of surprises, starting with masturbation next to a partner.

According to the study, 60.8% of men touch themselves next to their sleeping partner, while 71.1% of the women questioned (i.e., 3 out of 4 women) claim to have masturbated while their partner was sleeping in the same bed. The study also describes:

In addition to the bed, men particularly enjoy the shower and toilet. Women on the other hand prefer the bathtub and in their car.

Imagination and fantasising

Among couples, 17.7% of women think of their partner when they touch themselves, compared to 12% of men. Who else do people think of? A celebrity, a neighbour, a teacher, or even that cute stranger you saw at the shop... there are no limits to the imagination!

Whether they are thinking of their partner or the local shopkeeper, only 1 woman in 4 masturbates on a daily basis. Careful, this figure should be taken with a grain of salt, since the taboos surrounding female masturbation are hard to break.

Why do men fall asleep after sex but not women? Why do men fall asleep after sex but not women?