Six Tips to Help You Grow a Healthier Beard

Looking to improve your beard game this year? These six tips and will help you nourish and stimulate stronger and more even beard growth

Six Tips to Help You Grow a Healthier Beard
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Six Tips to Help You Grow a Healthier Beard

Time after time many of us shave in defeat after our beards don’t grow out quite as we’d hoped. Whether it’s wispy strands or a patchy beard, there is no magic pill solution, but there are six tips that can help you out.

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1. Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most popular ingredients for beard growth and it has held this title for decades. This nourishing and light oil is an omega 9 fatty acid. This means that it helps to moisturise hair strands as well as restore shine and general hair health.

This oil is also anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial and also helps to stimulate hair growth and blood flow. No wonder it has been considered a miracle ingredient for so long.

Using castor oil correctly can help stimulate healthy beard growth. Try buying natural, gentle shampoos containing this oil as harsher shampoos can inhibit the growth of your beard.

Failing this you can also use castor oil as a serum or beard oil.

2. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil contains some similar benefits to castor oil in terms of hydration which makes hairs stronger and less likely to break. However, what sets this oil apart is that it also reduces the production of sebum. When pores are clogged up with sebum (oil naturally produced by the skin) hair is less likely to grow.

To remedy this, massage jojoba oil onto a clean face. This will not only reduce sebum production but the massage will also stimulate blood flow and hair follicles.

3. Almond Oil

Just like castor oil, almond oil contains fatty acids which provide the beard with nourishing moisture. However, almond oil also contains some magnesium and biotin which are imperative for hair growth. This oil also helps to remove dead skin cells, helping to unclog the pores as well as shed away any dandruff making it easier for new hair to grow.

All these oils are beneficial forbeard growth but they will fare even better when used in conjunction. Beard oils and serums with a mix of these ingredients will help further ensure your beard gets the best care.

4. Biotin Supplements

As we mentioned, biotin is one of the key ingredients for healthy hair growth and you can even take it as a supplement in pill form. Biotin helps to improve keratin production and ensure that your beard grows thicker and more uniformly across the shaft. Not to mention it will also help the hair growth on your head.

Biotin supplements are also easily available in most pharmacies in either an isolated form or combined with collagen hydrolysate, MSM, and keratin. Which option you choose is up to you; however, a combination supplement may be more worth the money than an isolated supplement.

5. Brush your beard

If you’re in the process of growing out your beardand are looking to reduce any patchiness then beard brushing is a great option. By using a boar bristle brush on our beard, you will not only help exfoliate your skin and remove any dead skin cells but you will also stimulate blood flow and hair growth.

Using this tool in addition to beard oils also helps to ensure that more of your oils are being absorbed into the hair follicle.

To see the best results use a boar bristle brush and combined beard oil for five minutes after your shower for about five weeks. The progress may seem slow but it will be worth it in the long run.

6. Taking care of yourself

This may seem like a bit of an obvious one but making sure you est and sleep right help the body better execute its functions through nutrient intake and rest. Regular exercise also regulates testosterone production which is vital in beard growth

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