Most common reasons for an itchy crotch

Struggling to relieve your itchy crotch? Here's why your groin is irritated and what you can do calm it down.

Itchy crotch
Itchy crotch

There’s nothing more satisfying than scratching an area of your skin that is heavily tingling with irritation. But giving in to an itch is not always the best or easiest option—especially when you’re in public and when that sensation is coming from a rather delicate part of your body.

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While an itchy groin is an extraordinarily ordinary condition, you should know that there are a plethora of reasons behind irritated private parts and some are more of a cause for concern than others.

Jock itch

A common condition that makes people want to scratch their genitals like crazy is a jock itch. It happens in the most moist areas of the body which includes the buttocks, inner thighs and of course, the genitals. As described by the American Academy of Dermatology Association, it is a fungal infection which causes ‘redness and itching’ in these warm and moist areas and it often occurs in athletes.

To cure the infection, they recommend that you keep the area as dry as possible and apply anti-fungal medication.


The activities you do and the things you wear have a huge impact on the health of your skin. Chafing is a sign that your skin is breaking down due to an excessive amount of friction. It could be skin to skin or it could be friction between the skin and other objects.

For example, chafing commonly occurs when you go running or biking and your thighs rub against one another. It could also take place when you wear a tight pair of jeans and denim material is constantly brushing against your skin.

Experts at Healthline advise that as soon as you feel the chafing, you stop the activity you are doing or take off the clothes that are making you uncomfortable. Then pat your skin dry and apply some petroleum jelly to soothe the irritation.

Other serious reasons

In most cases, an itchy groin is nothing to worry about. However, it could also be a sign of other serious conditions which require medical attention. These conditions include psoriasis, pubic lice, pinworms, and sexually transmitted disease like herpes.

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