Sex: This condom guarantees a longer and bigger erection

Many men still avoid using a condom during sex. A newly developed condom could now convince them otherwise.

The condom is the only contraceptive that not only protects against unwanted pregnancy but also against STIs. Nevertheless, men in particular do not like to use it.

The fact that the feeling is lost is only one of many reasons. Now researchers have developed a condom that could also convince men to finally love these protective rubbers.

Sex is better with a condom than without

Researchers from Ohio State University have developed a condom called CSD500 that contains a gel to improve the firmness, size and duration of erections. To test its effectiveness, they distributed it to 500 Vietnamese couples and surveyed them on the pleasure of wearing a condom and willingness to protect themselves.

The results were very positive for the research team. The study participants stated that the CSD500 condoms were easier to use and that sex with them felt much more natural than with conventional condoms. 16 percent even said that sexual intercourse felt better than without any protection.

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Condoms in the fight against STIs

If more men are persuaded by the CSD500, condoms could make an important contribution to the fight against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. The more positive the experience of protected sex, the lower the inhibition threshold for men to use a condom.

The firmer erection provided by the newly developed condoms can also reduce the pressure on men to perform and lead to more relaxed interactions with their partners.

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