Untimely erections: These are the best ways of hiding unexpected boners

Most men have experienced an erection at the wrong place and wrong time. Here are a few ways that can help you avoid it!

Untimely erections: These are the best ways of hiding unexpected boners
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Untimely erections: These are the best ways of hiding unexpected boners

While erection is a crucial biological function, it can also be considerably uncomfortable in some conditions. When you want to have sex or masturbate, a boner is a good sign that your body is functioning normally. However, there are instances when the dreaded erection comes knocking without notice and there is rumbling down there before you know it.

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It's exceedingly humiliating if you're in a social situation when you can't afford to be aroused. So, if you want to escape an extremely awkward circumstance and judgmental eyes straying your way, detonate the pocket rocket. We've compiled a list of ways you can use to keep the party in your trousers from taking over the show.


It's a no-brainer on this one. Make it a point to keep your mind occupied with anything from puzzles to full-fledged math problems to get rid of that unwanted boner. To take your mind from your expanding dongle, phone any of your buddies and talk about something entirely different.

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The best thing you can do is to shift your position so that your genitals are comfortable and not aroused. You could try crossing your legs to hide your erection. To get rid of the unwanted erection, you can also put your hands in the pocket and adjust the penis.

Flex it

If you're in an uncomfortable circumstance and don't want a boner, flexing your thighs for around 30 seconds would help you a great deal in getting rid of it. Blood from the engorged spongy tissues is rerouted to the flexed muscle when you tighten any muscle, especially a large one like the one in your thighs.

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Waiting out an erection isn't always an option in every circumstance. As a result, if you want to get rid of your arousal or keep it from getting more erect, go somewhere quiet and focus on your breathing. Slowly inhale and exhale, focusing on the sound of your breathing until you feel comfortable.


Another way that is sure to help you get rid of the unwanted boner is showering. However, it is not always a practical course of action. But, if possible, take a cold shower or a warm bath. Both of them are effective in removing an erection. A warm bath can assist a person to relax while also lowering arousal levels

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