Find the right condom for your penis to have better and safer sex

No, one size fits all doesn't apply to condoms. Choosing the right size could be key to having safe and incredible sex.

Finding the right condom for your penis is crucial to have safe, amazing sex. You don’t want to be feeling too stuffy, too loose, or too uncomfortable during intercourse, do you? All it takes is a little research, a few measurements and maybe a bit of trial and error. But, once you get the right fit, sex will be a hundred times better!

Condoms normally come in three sizes: snug fit, regular/standard fit and large fit. Do not pick up the first box you see in the supermarket, choose the size that fits you best!

How do you choose the right condom? By measuring, of course

In order to take accurate measurements, make sure your member isfully erect.

For length, take a ruler or a measuring tape and place it at the very base of your penis. Then, measure until the tip. The average condom is around 19 cm long, while the average penis length is around 12.7 cm to 13.3 cm. In terms of length, most men will be able to use any regular condom, however, to find out which condom fits you best, you need to be checking the girth of your penis.

To measure your girth, take a piece of string, or a measuring tape that is flexible, and wrap it around the thickest part of your sexual organ. If you used a string, then measure the string. Once you find out your girth, you’ll be able to figure out whether you need a snug, regular or large fit condom.

According to Medical News Today, if you have a girth of less than 10.16 cm, you should get a snug fit condom. Anything between 10.16 cm and 12.7 cm needs a regular fit. Finally, a girth between 12.7 cm and 15.24 cm requires a large fit condom.

Trial and error

If you don’t want to measure it, you can also just try and see how you feel when you slip on the plastic. Men’s Health spoke with Urologist, Dr. Laurence Levine who explained that if you can’t roll down the condom smoothly, then you might need to consider sizing up. Although it is important for the condom to be a little tight, it should never be painful. He said:

A condom is too tight if you can't slip it on over the shaft of the penis.

But you also shouldn’t be using a condom that doesn’t support your penis. He added:

You may also notice that the space between your erection and the condom has wiggle room. You can test the condom fit by pulling gently from the receptacle tip, and when doing this, it should not easily slide off

So, there you have it. The next time you’re buying condoms, don’t just look to see whether they are ribbed or not. Make sure your junk comfortably fits the trunk.

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