This tip will make your deodorant more effective

Tired of deodorants that don't work? This tip could change your life and keep you from sweating.

The problem with summer is that it can be very hot and you usually start sweating a lot more easily. If you're the type of person whose armpits are wet only a few hours into your day, we've found a trick that will help keep you dry.

A trick to avoid sweating

On TikTok, internet user @madamesweat revealed her secret to avoiding sweating too quickly and how to eliminate bad odours.

Your armpits are like a rainforest. It's humid, dark, and it likes to harbour bacteria. If you're someone who sweats a lot like me, it’s not even noon before those odour-causing bacteria start working.

So how can you avoid all this? Simply by using baby powder made from cornstarch or arrowroot. This can help to absorb moisture. Simply apply it gently to your armpits after using your deodorant. The powder will act as an additional antiperspirant and will prevent you from the embarrassing sensation of sweating profusely.

Internet users are delighted

Thanks to her tip, @madamesweat received a lot of positive feedback from internet users who were quick to try out this new idea:

Thank you so much for this tip, it saved my life.
How have I lived without you all these years?

If you are fond of this kind of tip, you should know that she offers many other ideas that can be used on a daily basis, such as a magic ingredient to prevent greasy hair or one that fights against dandruff.

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