Here's how to make your gas less smelly

Letting one rip in public is a risky game, but here's what you can do to make your farts less noticeable.

Stinky farts
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Stinky farts

Breaking wind is a natural process in which the body releases gas from the anus. An average person farts around 15 to 18 times a day—it's a wonder why there's so much stigma around such a normal action.

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Farts are usually harmless, especially if they're odourless and produce no loud sounds, but when it comes to gas you never know which one is going to be extra smelly and unseemly loud, do you?

If you're terrified of tooting in public because you're afraid to stink up the room, here's what you can do to get rid of skunky-smelling flatulence.

Eat slow

No one is out to get you, so you don’t have to eat as if it’s your last day to live. Slow down, chew your food properly before you swallow. When you chew unnecessarily quickly and swallow fast, you’re ingesting more air into your body. The more air you have, the more gas you will produce—hence, you’ll be farting up a storm the whole day. By slowing down, you’ll be able to reduce your air intake which will then make your farts more bearable.

Additionally, you should also consider eating smaller portions of food so that your body produces less gas during the digestive process.

Eat right

What you consume is as important as how you consume it. Some foods, even healthy ones, can make your farts smell like a garbage dump. That doesn’t mean you should avoid it, just try to limit the quantities you take in.

WebMD suggests avoiding carbonated beverages like soda, seltzers, and beers. You should also be careful of the amount of cruciferous vegetables you add to your diet—like cauliflower and broccoli. High-fiber foods like bok choy, asparagus and cabbage are also a main culprit because they take a longer time to digest and ferment in the process. Finally, reduce your intake of foods that are rich in sulfur like eggs and meat.

What can you eat? Well, New Scientist recommends eating more potatoes, bananas, wheat, and artichokes. You should also drink lots of water and include probiotic foods in your diet like yoghurt.

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