The hidden feature in your dishwasher that will change your life

A small feature in your dishwasher could change your life...

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Wondering how to get your large plates to fit in your dishwasher? Irishman Mike McLoughlin answered this question with a tweet that got a lot of attention right away.

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A small tip that could change your life

He explained this tip in a tweet:

It always annoyed me that the lower level of the dishwasher wasn’t tall enough to fit my biggest dinner plates. Been handwashing them all this time.

He added:

This week I discovered you can raise the upper shelf and all my plates fit fine. TEN F*CKING YEARS.

Some dishwashers have a small handle inside, but this is not available on every model. It's up to you to check whether yours is equipped with one or not! This could well change your daily life…

Washing dishes by hand not more environmentally friendly

And to convince you to take up Mike McLoughlin's technique for good, Jonah Schein of the Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense programme explains that ‘while it is possible to use less water and energy by washing dishes by hand, it is extremely unlikely.’

In short: It would be better for you, and for everyone else if you stopped washing dishes by hand. Which should make most feel better, even though a 2012 Cambridge University study suggests that men who do the housework are actually happier…

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