10 Tips to Open a Beer Without a Bottle Opener

Do you have a beer but no bottle opener? We here at Gentside bring you 10 easy tricks to open a bottle of beer!

10 tips to open a beer without a bottle opener
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10 tips to open a beer without a bottle opener

It's 11 p.m. on Saturday night: Are you planning to have a beer with the pretty brunette sitting next to you, but there's no bottle opener in sight? Chris Sumers has no shortage of ideas to help you. In this video posted online, he shows us 64 very original ways to open a beer, like using a wrench, a fan or even a tree branch...

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If you don't have a machete on hand, here are 10 easy ways to successfully open your bottle:

Opening a beer with a lighter

It is the easiest trick, the one everyone knows. A classic Bic lighter is perfect for this; just use one the edges of the lighter to pop the bottle cap off. It works every time. If you're not a smoker (or if you have a fancy but impractical Zippo), don't worry, there are a number of other ways.

Using another beer

Luckily, beers usually come in groups of six, so you can grab another bottle and put pressure on the cap of the beer you want to open with the cap of the other. You do, however, risk opening both at the same time and spraying beer everywhere...

A door

A very useful interior technique: place the beer in the lock hole and pry it open. You're going to need a cloth or anything you can use to clean up. If you aren't at your place, your host probably won't be too happy to have a big stain on their carpet.


It's the best way to open your bottle when you're on the metro. Vending machines are equipped with parts you can use for this purpose too, although that's not their primary function!

A belt buckle

It all depends on the buckle, its shape, and its thickness, and you may not want to risk damaging your latest overpriced deer leather find. But if it's a basic belt, don't hesitate to use the edge of the buckle to pop it open. Otherwise, you can also use your butt...

A small spoon

If you're at someone's house party, you can probably find a small spoon. You can open your 6-pack using the flat end of the spoon as a lever. This trick also works with a fork or knife (but it's much more dangerous).

A ring

Wedding bands often have the right shape to achieve this, and also make very good levers! However, be careful not to deform your ring; your better half may not be willing to understand how a night out with friends ruined the symbol of your love... If you're single, this trick works just as well with a signet ring, or even a key ring.

A screwdriver

This one's for the DIY handymen: if you can get your hands on a screwdriver, it can be very effective in pressing and ejecting the capsule. Works just like the teaspoon, but it's a lot manlier.

A seat belt

If you have a car, you should know that seat belt buckles can very well be used to open your bottles. Just be careful not to damage the seats, or you'll be getting to work on Monday in a car that reeks of booze.

Skip all of these and just buy twist-off beer bottles

Planning is the key to success! When you're stocking up on beer, only buy bottles with twist-off caps...Sure, you'd be choosing the easy way out, but at least you'll save yourself some a lot of trouble. There are also beer bottle cap machines. A little less eco-friendly, but very practical!

In short, be creative!

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