Why you should never throw away silica gel packs

Most of us chuck away the silica gel packets that come with new items, but it turns that these packets can benefit us in ways that you could have never imagined!

What happens when you buy new shoes? You tear open the packaging, toss the silica gel packet to the side, and admire your brand-new kicks. But your excitement may be getting in the way of your good sense—never throw away your silica gel packs!

What’s so great about silica gel packets?

They can benefit you in a crazy number of ways! For example, if your phone gets a little wet, place it in a zip-lock bag and surround it with silica gel packets. You won’t be able to take it out for 24 hours (you can survive), but the packets work to combat moisture.

We know rice can help with this, too. But if you’re going on a camping trip or a vacation somewhere, it’s definitely easier (and lighter) to bring silica gel packets along rather than a kilogram of rice.

How else can silica gel packets benefit you?

Well, they can help to combat the stale, old-clothes smell that tends to take over some seasonal clothing drawers. Want to know more fun facts about how silica gel packets can help you out with little things around your home? Take a look at our video above!

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