Here are the 10 things Aldi employees say you must never do in the shop

Some behaviours from customers not only frustrate Aldi employees, they can actively make their day worse.

Here are the 10 things Aldi employees say you must never do in the shop
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Here are the 10 things Aldi employees say you must never do in the shop

Aldi is a supermarket chain known for its low-cost food and household products. If you want to have the best shopping experience, there are a few things that can make your life and the staff's life easier. Here are 10 things you should never do in the shop, according to current and former employees.

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It's no use asking employees to 'check in the back'

JK, a current Aldi employee, said that one of the things they like least is when customers ask employees to check the stockroom for items that are not on the shop shelves.

If a product is out of stock on the shelves, we don't have a secret reserve in the back. It's frustrating when sceptical customers think they know the shop's stock better than the staff.

Avoid doing your shopping near closing hours

If you come in near closing time, try and use the automatic check-out. shutterstock

Andrew Bronson, a former Aldi employee said that continuing to shop after closing time leads to a longer shift and more work for staff.

Most Aldi staff understand that it can be annoying to drive to the shop only to find it is about to close, but please respect the staff by doing your best not to shop after the announced opening hours.

If you must go to the shop just before closing time, try to limit the number of items you buy and use one of the self-checkouts if possible.

Don't forget to read the sales guidelines

Aldi is well-known for its bargains, but these discounts often come with rules that limit the number of discounted items each customer can buy, to make sure everyone gets a shot.

According to JK, some customers ignore or don't understand these limits.

If customers take more than they are allowed, we have to ask them to leave the excess at the register. This makes the employee look like the bad guy when they are just enforcing a clearly posted rule.

Be sure to check any posted signage or ask questions if you are unsure of the limits of an offer.

Don't try to game the system

One way customers try to get around the purchase limits is to have different family members check out separately with one item each, but JK says employees can usually tell when this is the case.

We know that a 3-year-old didn't come in alone to buy three dozen eggs with a $50 note. In those cases, we're forced to ask the customer responsible to hand over the excess, and that's annoying.

Do try not to leave your trolley in the shop if you're needing to leave

Employees will ahve to put back the contents of your trolley, one by one. shutterstock

There's nothing wrong with stepping away from your cart to grab an item in the aisle, but Aldi employees don't like it when customers simply abandon their fully loaded carts and leave, according to JK.

It's annoying when customers leave their full carts in the shop because the employees then have to put all those items back.

If you have to leave the shop without buying the items you've collected, at least hand the cart over to a staff member.

Having to put things back in their proper place creates more unneeded work

Many customers are probably guilty of leaving an unwanted item on the wrong shelf every now and then, but Andrew Bronson explains that this seemingly harmless habit can create a lot of extra work for Aldi staff.

We understand that customers may decide not to buy certain items, but it is the employees who are responsible for finding these products and putting them back.

If you don't have time to return an item properly, it is always best to leave the product at the checkout or pass it on to an employee who can take it straight to its designated place.

Do not expect employees to clean up behind your child

To be a courteous Aldi customer, you need to keep an eye on your children and pick up after them if they make a mess.

Aldi is a great place for all ages, but the staff will be annoyed if you let your children make a mess in the shop and don't clean up after them.

Bronson adds that staff don't like it when parents let their children knock items off the shelves or run around the shop alone and screeching.

There is no need to get mad at Aldi employees because you missed a sale

Goods put on sales will sell out very quickly. shutterstock

Aldi offers a weekly selection of items that are available while stocks last. Each shop receives a single shipment, which means that shoppers must act quickly if they want any of the selected products.

JK said that despite the nature of the promotion, many customers do not take the warning about limited availability seriously.

It's irritating when customers pick up a popular Aldi item weeks after it's been advertised. These items don't get restocked, but some customers still throw a fit or try to make employees feel guilty for not ordering enough.

When planning your next trip to Aldi, make sure the products you are looking for are up to date.

Don't spend too long in the bathroom

Aldi's toilets are available to customers, but staff find it difficult when a shopper or an entire family hogs the space for a long time.

Be respectful with how you use the toilets. It annoys us when we have to ask someone to leave the toilet because they've been in there for two hours.

Aldi employees shouldn't have to breakup fights between customers

Aldi's heavily discounted products often sell out quickly, which can make some customers frustrated, but Andrew Bronson said that arguing with another shopper to get the last item available is never necessary or acceptable.

People would be shocked at how often Aldi employees have to break up arguments between customers. We are not paid to do this, so please be respectful to other shoppers and team members.
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