Candaulism: The sex trend that is taking over the world

There is a new sex trend on the rise: Candaulism. More and more people are getting on board with this new trend, but for many other people, it is disgusting and is causing quite an uproar.

First, we had Chemsex, and now we are hearing more and more about candaulism nowadays. This is a worldwide sex trend and according to the Independent, there has been an increase in the number of Google searches for the term. But what is it?

What is Candaulism?

In short, candaulism is when a man watches his wife have sex with another man. This might sound familiar to some people but they may have never heard the term itself, or know it simply by wife-sharing or cuckold, terms which actually come from BDSM.


But why might someone want to practice candaulism? Some men can be overwhelmed by sexually pleasuring their partner and therefore become more aroused by simply watching instead. As a result, they allow their wife to be unfaithful while they watch her cheat.

According to the German magazine Schlafzimmer, this can also be a form of masochism which is when sexual satisfaction is achieved only through humiliation or pain. But psychologist Roy Baumeister has a different theory. He describes it as a 'form of escaping self-awareness in times when feeling self-confident is quite difficult', therefore making us feel inferior.

Candaulism is a phenomenon that is particularly common among men, less so among women. Women can instead fulfil all their desires through something known as a Peegasm, although this is not recommended for health reasons.

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