According to a Study, These Are the World’s Naughtiest Countries

At what age do people lose their virginity? How many lovers do they have throughout their life? How often do they have sex? In which country can people last the longest? All the questions you've always wondered, answered!

According to a Study, These Are the World’s Naughtiest Countries
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According to a Study, These Are the World’s Naughtiest Countries

Listen, sex isn't a competition. However, we have to admit that we've always wondered which countries are at the top and the bottom of the rankings. Which nationality is the most sex-obsessed? Are the stereotypes regarding sex actually true? Men and women from the 26 most populous and powerful countries in the world (excluding China and Russia) answered a few questions about this topic in a study made by Durex.

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At what age do people lose their virginity?

On average, the inhabitants of these 26 countries lost their virginity at the age of 19 years and 5 months.

Starting early:

The Brazilians came in first place, the Germans in second, and the Australians in third. The average Brazilian had his or her first sexual encounter at the age of 17, the Germans at 17 and a half, and the Australians at 18.

Deciding to wait:

The most patient people are found in Asia, with India, Singapore, and Japan at the bottom of the list. According to the survey, Indians wait the longest, since on average they had their first sexual encounter at the age of 22 years and 5 months. Singaporeans had their first sexual encounter at 22 years on average, and the Japanese at 20.

How many partners do people have in their lives?

This time, the stereotypes seem to be true! Indeed, Latino people are more seductive, and place a lot of importance on sex, with men having many more partners than women...

When it comes to the men:

In the top 3 are Brazil and Australia once again, followed by Spain. Brazilians have an average of 27 partners, the Australians had 25, and the Spanish 21. The last in the rankings are Singaporeans with 8 partners, and finally Indians and Mexicans with 6.

In the women's category:

There seems to be a trend developing, with Brazil and Australia back on the podium. But this time, Mexico is in first place! The Mexicans said that they have had 14 partners, the Brazilians 13, and finally the Australians 12. Singaporean women had 3 lovers over the course of their lives, and Indian women remained faithful to one man only.

How many times a year do people make love?

The world champion?

Brazil! Brazilians have an average of 145 sexual encounters per year, which is the equivalent of more than three times a week! The surprise in this top 3 is India in second place, followed by Mexico in third place.

Who hooks up the least?

The Japanese don't seem to be that eager when it comes to sex... They came in last with 48 sexual encounters each year, which is not even once a week...

How much time do people dedicate to sex?

Countries are ranked according to the time, in minutes, allocated to each sexual encounter.

Those who last the longest:

Unsurprisingly, the Latin American nations come out on top, along with Mexico and Brazil. Mexicans and Brazilians devote about 22 minutes to their encounters. One European country on the other hand here makes an appearance for the first time: Italy, who put aside 20 minutes of their time.

The quickest:

At the bottom of the rankings is India, but also France, and then Singapore. Indians only spend 13 minutes on a sexual encounter, almost 10 minutes less than the Mexicans!

Who are the most satisfied sexually?

At the top of the rankings:

60% of Mexicans are satisfied with their sexual relations... tied with Indians! Although the latter have fewer sexual partners and don't last as long, they claim to be quite satisfied. The South Africans take third place this time, with 50% of them saying they are sexually fulfilled.

At the bottom:

According to this survey, the Japanese have very little sex. It is therefore logical that they are the least satisfied, with only 15% saying this is the case... Singaporeans are also not that content since only 35% of them said they were satisfied in bed.

In summary, the reputation of Latin men and women as being hot-blooded is well-founded. They love sex, and make no secret of this. On the other hand, Asian countries are more prudish, and sex is often a taboo topic...

Did it line up with what you thought? Surprised by any of these?

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