This Surprising Study Shows What Women Across The World Look For In Their Partners

A study conducted by Clue and the University of Göttingen, on nearly 68,000 women in 180 countries, ranked the criteria that women look for in their partner, and the results are surprising...

This Surprising Study Shows What Women Across The World Look For In Their Partners
This Surprising Study Shows What Women Across The World Look For In Their Partners

Thought you knew everything about women and what they like? This study will surprise you. We're finally revealing which qualities you must possess in order for women to want you. Hold on tight.

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The Clue app conducted a survey, in collaboration with the University of Göttingen, to understand what features women who looking for their soulmates focus on. 68,000 women from 180 countries, all sexual orientations combined, were interviewed. And the results are surprising...

Kindness, followed by intelligence or trust

Kindness, the top criterion. Okay, this one is no surprise. According to this study, kindness is THE most important criterion a French woman seeks in her potential partner. 88.9% of them mentioned it as number 1. Other qualities like the support (86.5%), intelligence (72.3%), a good education (64.5%) and trust (60.2%), are sought out by nearly two out of three women.

Being ready to become a parent

Other less obvious criteria were highlighted in this study, such as the importance of their future partner wanting to become a parent. Indeed, 46.1% of them say it is essential that their partner share their desire to become a parent. Nothing to worry about, but it's always good to know.

A beautiful smile, rather than a long penis

For both heterosexual women and lesbians, nice eyes and a pretty smile are more important than the rest of the body... Including genitals. This study tells us that more than half of the women surveyed have a soft spot for a beautiful smile.

We also learned that even though penis size is the second thing that straight women look at, it should absolutely not be too big. According to the study, a medium-sized penis is considerably more desirable than a large penis.

Physical appearance is not as important

Physical attributes were rarely mentioned in the criteria identified by this study. And for good reason: the women interviewed perceived a hot body, a nice face, ambition and assertiveness as unimportant qualities in their search for a partner. That being said, the physical characteristics heterosexual women like the most are short hair, big hands, the back, muscular arms, and beards.

Lesbian women also tend to prefer more average women. That includes chest and butt size. The back is also an important feature, as is long hair.

A fat wallet...

Would you choose a long-term partner for the financial comfort it would bring you? 34% of the French women answered "yes", a lower percentage than that of respondents from other countries. While they aren't very interest in money, Japanese, Mexican, Colombian and American women are the most likely to make financial security a priority in their search for a partner, with figures oscillating between 58.9% and 66.7%.

...and a big brain

Intelligence and culture repeatedly popped up as important criteria for many women. This is especially the case of Colombian and Mexican women, 82% and 80% respectively, who look for a good education in their future companion. On the other hand, British and Danish women attach less importance to this, 55.4% for the former and 50.2% for the latter.

Politics and religion

With regard to politics, opinions vary based on nationality. Brazilian women (44.2%) and Americans (43.6%) attach a lot of importance to sharing the same political opinions. We can't say the same about French, Mexican and Russian women, for whom this is much less important.

As for religion, the study shows that more than 25% of the women surveyed consider that it is better to have the same religion. In contrast, less than 10% say they are looking for a partner of their ethnicity. More than 50% of them say that it is absolutely not important to them.

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