Hay fever: Here are 2 surprising ways to get relief

Nasal sprays promise relief from hay fever. With this trick, they are even more effective.

Nasal sprays for hay fever
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Nasal sprays for hay fever

While most people are looking forward to warmer weather after a bitter winter, some see spring as a time of pain. One of the most frequent allergy conditions is hay fever. In England, it is believed that over 10 million individuals suffer from hay fever. When used appropriately, nasal sprays can provide a relief to this problem.

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You have to keep this in mind when using nasal sprays

Many people with allergies believe nasal sprays containing cortisone are beneficial in treating pollen allergies. These are accessible at any pharmacy, with or without a prescription. However, you must be able to demonstrate that you are allergic to pollen. As a result, it's critical to have addressed the symptoms with a doctor beforehand.

When using nasal sprays, pharmacist Carole Holzhäuer says in the Apotheken Umschau magazine that one thing should be kept in mind regarding nasal spray is:

First blow your nose to clear your nose of pollen and secretions, then use the nasal spray.

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Do sex and alcohol help against hay fever?

Immunotherapy can be used to treat hay fever in the long term. An Iranian study found that men can also fight their hay fever through frequent sex. Certain types of alcohol are also said to be able to relieve the symptoms.

Sina Zarrintan, one of the neurologists behind the research, explained that it could be the best solution to hay fever for those on a tight budget to over-the-counter medication. He says:

It can be done from time to time to alleviate the congestion and the patient can adjust the number of intercourses depending on the severity of the symptoms.

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