Why do we scream when making love?

If you and/or your partner make noise during sex, you may have already asked yourself the question: why do we scream during sex?

Why do we scream when making love?
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Why do we scream when making love?

Why do we scream during sex? So far no study has shown a link between pleasure and the noise you make during sex. But women are more likely to be expressive than men. Why is that?

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A British study published in 2011 looked into this question. The majority of women who responded to the survey explained that they made noise to reassure their partner but also to speed up the man's orgasm.

And it's true that moans and sighs from a partner can make a man orgasm much faster.

Because we saw it on TV

Another explanation: we've seen it on TV. Yes, in all the scenes in films/series, women scream, so by mimicry, women will try to reproduce this and men will find it normal!

Noise as a means of communication

Sexologist Pierre Desvaux explains that for women, making noise is a way of expressing pleasure and, above all, telling their partner to continue what he or she is doing.

Noises are therefore a way of guiding you without you realising it and without using words that may be perceived as too 'crude.'

Why do men make less noise?

There is a hard-wired diktat that men have to hide their emotions. Although we are doing our best to destroy this cliché, it is still firmly rooted in our society.

As a result, men don't moan because in their minds, it's equated with being a woman. And so... they prefer to keep their 'virility.'

This can also be linked to porn. In adult films, the actors are only there to make their partners scream, but we don't see them express their pleasure. In short, it's a whole world to be deconstructed.

Silence is also good

Just because you make noise doesn't mean you feel more pleasure. Sometimes being silent can also connect you to the present moment so that you can focus as much as possible on what you are experiencing and how your body feels. In reality, there is no obligation.

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