It Turns Out Getting Down More Frequently Could Make You Smarter

A recent study has shown that having an active sex life could make you smarter, and as a bonus, protect your brain from ageing.

Sex could make you smarter.
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Sex could make you smarter.

We have found yet another reason to get busy more often! According to a recent British study, having an active sex life could prevent premature ageing of thebrain. Clearly, making love is good for our intelligence.Dr. Hayley Wright, head of the study and researcher for the study of the psychology of behaviour stated:

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Sexual intercourse at an advanced age is not interesting just for the sex, it plays a role in other factors, including cognitive function.

Better performance in all areas

The specialists conducted theirresearch on 73 people, 28 men and 45 women. Participants were between the ages of 50 and 83 and were aware of the issue of the ageing of the brain. The researchers analysed the frequency of their sexual intercourse and then tested participants' cognitive functions (language, memory, movements, senses and executive functions). As a result, participants who had more sex were better by two points on daily tasks. Thus, the participants with the best scores were more comfortable with language and sight, without a noticeable difference in memory and attention.

For experts, this is due to the dopamine or oxytocin released during sex. Same for endorphins, the hormones of happiness. So you can understand the message, young or old, making love is very beneficial for the conservation of your neurones. Dr. Wright. concludes:

People are not comfortable with the idea that older people have a sex life, but we need to change that conception of society, especially by looking at the impact of an active sex life on people over 50 years of age, beyond merely their well-being.

Check out the video above for more on the study!

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