These are women's three favourite positions in bed

These three positions revealed by Women's Health in a 2016 study are classic but effective, and will never leave your partner unsatisfied.

These are women's three favourite positions in bed
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These are women's three favourite positions in bed

No more excuses! After reading this research, you won't be able to leave your partner unsatisfied. A study published by Women's Health in 2016 revealed the three sex positions that make women orgasm most easily according to... women themselves!

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Nearly 500 of the magazine's female readers were asked which positions are (almost) guaranteed to bring them to orgasm. It seems that you don't need to memorise the Kama Sutra and be creative in hopes of triggering an orgasm. And for good reason, there are some moves at the top of the list that are probably familiar to everyone.

3. Missionary, at 23%

Remember, if missionary seems boring to you, this is not the case for everyone! Beyond the intimacy it allows (eye-to-eye, skin-to-skin) the pelvic movement directly stimulates the clitoris. Most women need this friction to reach orgasm, according to research by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction cited by Men's Health.

The position is also ideal for controlling the pace, depth, and angle of penetration.

2. Doggy style, at 25%

This is a favourite of women everywhere: doggy style. And we can understand why! It facilitates deep penetration and thus makes it possible to reach the G-spot more quickly than with other positions. Moreover, thanks to this penetration from behind, the tip of the penis brushes against the cervix, which is covered with nerve endings.

1. Cowgirl, at 35%

Also known as ‘woman on top,’ the cowgirl allows for a variety of sensations. In this position, the woman has the power and can control the depth of penetration.

She can thus vary the rhythm, alternating shallow and deep thrusts. These changes in pace stimulate the front third of the vagina, one of its most sensitive areas. But the man underneath is not lacking in pleasurable advantages either. And one of them is important: the view.

Less popular positions

On the contrary, some positions are less successful, such as reverse cowgirl (the woman is still on top, but turns her back to her partner) or spooning, preferred by only 5% of respondents. Anal intercourse is at the bottom of the ranking with only 4% of the votes.

So what about the positions preferred by men? For a SKYN Condoms survey, more than 3,000 sexually active men and women aged 18-34 were questioned in 2016. And it would seem that millennials, both female and male, are pretty much in agreement with these choices, choosing the same three positions, namely missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl! They did, however, place doggy style at the top of the list.

Study reveals women's top three favourite positions in bed Study reveals women's top three favourite positions in bed