Man loses genital after infection and gets 'bionic penis' graft on his arm

A man who lost his most prized body part to a blood infection had the unique opportunity to get it reconstructed. Now, Malcolm MacDonald is the first person to have a penis on his arm.

A man had his penis grafted onto his arm
© Louis Wood/The Sun
A man had his penis grafted onto his arm

45-year-old dad, Malcolm MacDonald lost his penis to sepsis, a life-threatening reaction to an infection. Thanks to science, MacDonald is now the proud bearer of the first ever 'bionic penis.' Just one ick... His new member has been grafted onto his arm. MacDonald is literally wearing his manhood on his sleeve.

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Speaking to The Sun, he said:

Of course it is mad—having a penis on your arm. That they can make me a new penis at all is incredible—but that they can build it on my arm is mind-blowing.

He continued:

It looks like something out of a weird sci-fi comic. But it's my chance at a normal life. It's been the first step towards being able to go to the toilet and even being intimate with someone.
Louis Wood/The Sun

Losing one's genitalia

MacDonald lost his appendage when he discovered that his long-term perineum infection had developed into a blood infection, turning his fingers, toes and penis completely black. Eventually, his member completely fell off. He described the moment he lost his penis:

One day it just dropped off on to the floor. I just picked it up and put it in the bin. I went to the hospital and they said the best they could do for me was to roll the remaining stump up like a little sausage roll. It was heartbreaking.

The 'penis master'

The father of two then admitted his life took a turn after the incident and his confidence was never the same. Malcolm was referred to the 'penis master,' Professor David Ralph in London's University College Hospital, who is an expert in reconstructing phalluses.

It gave me a glimmer of hope that I could go back to being a normal bloke.

Ralph informed Malcolm that the graft would take up to two years and will have to be placed on his arm. Malcolm recalled that he was perfectly on board with the operation.

The surgery involved taking skin from Malcolm's left arm and rolling it into a penis, complete with his own blood vessels and nerves. Surgeons then also installed a urethra and two hand-pumped tubes that allowed Malcolm to experience a mechanical erection.

All in all, surgeons told Malcolm that it would take two years for the penis to grow on his arm, meaning that he would have to literally walk around with a penis on his arm for years.

Louis Wood/The Sun

Eventually, once the shaft had fully grown, it would be detached from Malcolm's forearm. Malcolm stated:

When I saw it on my arm for the first time I was so, so proud. I took to it so much I nicknamed it 'Jimmy'—that was what me and my mates called each other growing up and this penis was definitely my new mate.

However, appointments were delayed again and again and Malcom ended up living with a penis on his arm for 4 years...

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