Make up on men: how do get it right

Times have changed and make up on men really isn't as shocking as it once was. Keep on reading for tips and tricks on how to best enhance your features with make up.

Make up on men: how do get it right
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Make up on men: how do get it right

With Dior Men's latest fashion show having hit the virtual runways, we couldn't help but notice the importance that make up has on men's fashion. More and more men are breaking barriers when it comes to how they choose to present themselves and make up is definitely an important component to consider when completing a look.

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Less is always more

Whether you're looking to ace a job interview or look extra polished for a new passport picture, make up creative and image director at Dior Homme, Peter Philips, believes that men can definitely play around with make up to enhance their natural features.

The key to do so is to subtly integrate make up in your 'getting-ready-routine' to correct imperfections without completely erasing what you naturally look like:

It’s a question of finding the right products and applying the right amount. Men are more and more confident in grooming in general.

Some handy products to invest in

Playing around with a tinted moisturizer is one way to add colour back into your skin especially now that we've all been spending extra time indoors with lockdown restrictions.

Another useful tip is to use an eyelash curler asan efficient way of waking tired eyes up. Perhaps even consider a bit of colour corrector under your eyes for an extra kick in the morning.

Phillips explains how make up can very easily be intertwined with masculinity and virility by making it:

less about being pretty, more about looking healthy.

The idea, ultimately, is to experiment with make up and use products in ways that will subtly –but effectively–enhance your features.

Check out the video above to get a behind the scenes look of the make up used at the latest Dior Homme runway show!

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