10 Models Who Are Redefining Beauty Standards And Breaking Fashion Stereotypes

A round of applause for these women who are crushing outdated beauty standards and the rules set by a fashion industry that has been feeding stereotypes for far too long.

Beauty Standards
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Beauty Standards

We handpicked 10 models whose careers have inspired - and given hope to - many women around the world.

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-Winnie Harlow suffers from vitiligo, a disease that is characterized by depigmented skin

-Lea T is a transgender supermodel and the face of Givenchy

-Andreja Pejic is another transgender model who’s killing it

-Ashley Graham is the first curvy model to have posed for the cover of Sport Illustrated

-83-year-old Carmen Del’Orefice has been going strong for 68 years and has no intention of retiring any time soon

-Shortly after giving birth, Lara Stone posed for an unedited spread in System magazine

-Saskia de Brauw is the face of one of Yves Saint Laurent’s male collections

-Australian model Madeline Stuart has Down syndrome

-Aimee Mullins had both legs amputated when she was a year old

-Moffy has an amazing body, a perfect face... But she suffers from severe strabismus

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