This Basketball Player Has The Most Unexpected Tattoo Hidden On His Arm

The best tattoo in history?

This Basketball Player Has the Most Unexpected Tattoo Hidden on His Arm
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For lots of amateur gamers, a tattoo of their favourite title seems like a good way to showcase their passion. But often, a tattoo can be in bad taste, and can sometimes force you to be stuck with the Triforce symbol on your lower leg, it’s a classic tale.

This is probably what Devonte Green, a basketball player for the Hoosiers would say, who has quite an original tattoo from GTA: San Andreas. It is actually a cheat code, tattooed on his arm. But what code you might ask? One that gives you infinite ammunition, obviously. Practical for a player whose main role in the team is to shoot as much as possible!

Check out the video above to see Devonte's tat for yourself!