Why Is This Picture Going Viral?

This viral image has been driving social media crazy due to its incredible optical illusion.

Why Is This Picture Going Viral?
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Why Is This Picture Going Viral?

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This image recently went viral on social media sites due to its optical illusion that has really been confusing internet users. People just can’t seem to figure out if this little girl’s legs really are as skinny as they appear. This photo was recently posted on social media and went viral in a matter of hours.

The photograph that was shared on a Facebook profile has been shared around 15,000 times, has more than 2,000 comments and 5,000 likes. In the photo, you can see a little girl in what appears to be a park. The first impression you get when seeing the photo is that the little girl’s legs are very, very skinny indeed.

But if you look more closely, you can see that this is actually an optical illusion caused by a bag of popcorn that the little girl is holding in her hands. This bag of popcorn camouflages perfectly with the background behind her and the result is that her legs end up looking incredibly skinny.


However, this isn’t the first optical illusion that has gone viral, since the famous photo of the couple hugging on the beach has been floating around the internet for years and still confuses us just as much as it did the first time we saw it. And no matter how much they tell us that it is in fact an optical illusion causing the distortion in this photo, we still have a hard time seeing and believing it.

The same goes for this photo of the little girl, since no matter how much we tell ourselves it’s an illusion and no matter how much or how often we look at it, we really do need to focus to be able to see the reality and see past the optical illusion.

If you want to find out if your mind is superior to the rest and if you are among the few who can instantly see the truth about this girl with seemingly very skinny legs, check out the video above for all the details surrounding the mystery of this photo that has been driving social media crazy.

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