The Crazy Meaning Behind Sergio Ramos’ Tattoos

Are you curious about what Sergio Ramos’ tattoos mean? Find out all the details below for a different point of view!

Sergio Ramos’ Tattoos
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Sergio Ramos’ Tattoos

The player himself from Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, recently posted a photo on his personal Instagram account in which we can see the big, impressive tattoo that covers his entire back. But what does it all mean?

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Recently, the Twitter user El Hematocrítico opened a thread on Liopardo in which he analysed and gave his own opinion on what this tattoo means. Check out the video to find out more!

Just like lots of professional footballers, Sergio Ramos has spent years sculpting and decorating his body with litres and litres of ink, so much so in fact that some reports have even been done on what these tattoos mean to the players.

Two of the most noteworthy events to have taken place in his sports career are when he won the European Cup and played in the World Cup in South Africa, undoubtedly two of the most important titles that a player can receive with a club or national team respectively.

Source: Liopardo

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