This Lorry Driver Has Gone Viral Thanks To His Bizarre New Tattoo

At least the design is unique… Check out the video above to see it for yourself!

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A lorry driver, Kenny Ollerenshaw now has his profession on his skin. This dad from Silloth, England, has had a very unique design tattooed on his chest: a small body and arms that look like they’re driving a lorry.

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Original isn’t it? Especially since it took 4 hours to finishthis ‘interactive’ design which the owner is very happy with.

‘I keep looking at it in the mirror and thinking it’s just crazy. You should see what happens when I tense my pecs,’ says Kenny.

‘When Kenny came in, he was up for having this done as a chest piece,’ explains Richard Batey, the tattoo artist who created this piece of ‘art’.

‘It’s what I’d call an interactive tattoo and it’s more of a shocker than anything else. […] It’s got the ability to make an entire room of people smile and laugh and get them talking.’

The tattoo artist also confesses that his client’s story has already been seen by more than 2 million people on Facebook. This tattoo has made Kenny the most famous lorry driver in England!

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