This man has completely covered his body in Dragon Ball Z tattoos

This man fell head over heels in love with Dragon Ball Z when he was younger, and this hasn’t changed as he’s gotten older, to the point where his body is now completely covered with tattoos in tribute to the show.

Dragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball Z

Cosplay amateurs have found their master! This Thailand man, who has always been passionate about the Japanese anime universe of Dragon Ball Z, decided to dedicate his entire body to his favourite manga series.

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Living in the city of Nakhon Pathom in the centre of the country, this man, who has been a fan since the beginning, now has numerous tattoos on his chest, back and even his arms, dedicated to Son Goku, Kuiririn, Piccolo and also Vegeta.

Nobody knows exactly how many Dragon Ball Z designs this man has on his body, but at first sight, it is obvious that it’s a lot! But you know what they say, what you love is always a part of you.

This man tattooed his entire body blue This man tattooed his entire body blue