A man has given himself a tattoo every day during lockdown

What better way to pass the time under lockdown than to cover every available piece of skin in tattoos? That's what one UK-based tattoo artist decided to do, and his work is seriously cool.

Chris Woodhead
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Chris Woodhead

Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to take the time to flex your creativity and create something cool. While some people have chosen to invade TikTok with those cringe-inducing viral challenge videos, one man in the UK has found a better and far more permanent hobby to occupy his time while in quarantine.

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A lockdown ritual

Chris Woodhead, a tattoo artist, decided there's no spot too small on his body to get inked. Opting for a stick-and-poke style, he committed to giving himself a new tattoo every day during the first lockdown. He tattooed every afternoon around the same time, between 2 and 4 p.m.

I started tattooing myself every day to create some kind of structure to our now seemingly aimless days, it feels special that my body is evolving so much through the process. I will continue until I run out of space completely.
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Self-isolation tattoo no.30

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Starting on March 17, he added a a new COVID-19 inspired tattoo to his already incredibly inked body. The 33-year-old man paid tribute to the public health system in the UK with an 'NHS' tattoo on his sternum. Two weeks into lockdown; he inked the words 'when will this end' on the bottom of his foot. There’s also this tribute to Joe Exotic from the Netflix series Tiger King.

I am constantly drawing and coming up with tattoo ideas, some are old drawings of mine, some I’m drawing on the day to fit the space, I’m struggling more with space on my body than for ideas of what to tattoo!

100 tattoos in total

Before the first lockdown, the tattoo artist already had about 1,000(!) tattoos. He's added another 100 during the first lockdown, but all good things come to an end.

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Self-isolation tattoo no.43

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If I'm truly honest, I look ridiculous — I look like a piece of blue cheese. There is very little space left that I can actually reach.

You have to respect the dedication!

This man tattooed his entire body blue This man tattooed his entire body blue