COVID: Man tattoos proof of vaccination QR code on arm

An Italian student had the QR code inked on his arm for easy verification.

Man tattoos proof of vaccination QR code on arm
© Instagram/Gabriele Pellerone
Man tattoos proof of vaccination QR code on arm

If you have been fully vaccinated, you must be familiar with the drill of taking out your phone or paper which has your vaccine certification scanned before accessing most public indoor spaces.

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Well, an Italian student could not be bothered with that, so he came up with the idea to have the QR code tattooed on his arm.

Like many countries in Europe, Italy introduced the Green Pass, which serves as proof of one’s vaccination, negative test or recovery from COVID.

These are needed to access public services such as getting on the train, eating at restaurants, going to the gym or cinemas, etc.

‘Something original’

Andrea Colonnetta, 22, from Reggio Calabria in Italy, has the QR code inked on his left bicep by celebrated tattooist, Gabriele Pellerone.

The tattoo artist, who has more than two million followers on Instagram, was more than happy to oblige.

He tattooed the entire QR code on his client’s left arm, making it possible for him to literally scan his arm wherever he goes.

Andrea told local newspaper, Corriere della Calabria that he naturally likes to stand out:

It’s certainly something original—I like to be different.

It works!

In a video posted on Gabriele's Instagram, the young man could be seen getting his tattoo scanned at a McDonald’s fast food outlet.

Andrea first used his own phone to scan the tattoo and once the code was generated, a guard at the facility scans his phone to verify his proof of vaccination.

Andrea could then be seen standing in a queue to get his burger.

In a caption to go with the video, (translated from Italian), Gabriele said:

People get tattooed for different reasons, also to remember a historical period like this, and all that it generated or left along its path. Regardless, there is no objective way of seeing things, whether it be for better or for worse, each person has a story to tell and their own way of seeing or interpreting everything, beyond any form of prejudice.
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