This Woman Spent £87,000 To Cover Her Entire Body With Tattoos

This woman spent an incredible amount of money to cover her entire body with tattoos in order to feel better in her own body.

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If you like unusual stories and tattoos, this article is for you.

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In your circle of friends, you must know someone who has at least a few tattoos. This story is about one of these people, whose life was saved thanks to her tattoos. This young woman is called Amber Luke, and she is from Brisbane, Australia.

A love of tattoos

This tattoo enthusiast completely transformed her body in just ten years. At only 25 years old, Amber Luke spent the sum of £87,000 on two things: numerous tattoos and some physical transformations.

Today, she proudly displays this new look on the internet that she seems to love. Her entire body, including her face, is covered with various tattoos. She spent £36,000 on 600 tattoos.

But that's not all... She also reportedly went through a rare physical makeover for the price of £50,000. As you can see in the video at the top of the article, she had turquoise blue ink injected into her eyeballs.

In addition, she also had a breast reduction, a buttock lift, and gold teeth inserted... All for a very specific reason.

Feeling better in her own skin

The young woman made this decision for herself, not for others, and she often explains why on her Instagram account. She decided to change herself in order to feel better in her own skin. Before, when the young woman looked in the mirror, she found herself to be rather ‘boring.’

She is very vocal about her choices in her posts and wants to make it clear to all her Instagram followers that society has no right to control them, and that they should make their own choices without any regrets.

The woman who has a real passion for body art explained that she regrets not having taken this step earlier in her life, but feels much better about her life now. We applaud her!

Check out the video at the top of the article for more details.

She spent close to £20,000 on tattooing her entire body She spent close to £20,000 on tattooing her entire body