A Pro Fortnite Player Is In Distress After Being Banned From The Game

Very involved in the fight against cheating on Fortnite, Epic Games no longer hesitates to ban players who do not respect the rules. It is a painful punishment that professional player Jarvis Kaye has just received.

A Pro Fortnite Player Is In Distress
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A Pro Fortnite Player Is In Distress

Fortnite has become a real trend in a short period of time and now has a large community that reached the symbolic figure of 250 million players worldwide in March this year. This is an impressive number of faithful players who obviously need to be satisfied but also monitored. Because no one is perfect and the temptation to cheat is never far away, even in the world of video games.

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Use of Aimbots = lifetime ban

Despite its incredible success, Epic Games' hit does not escape the big issue of cheating. In recent months, the latest news on the recent banning of one or more players has been circulated quite regularly. The latest one is none other than a well-known player in the Fortnite community: Jarvis 'Jarvis' Kaye. Member of the FaZe Clan e-sports team, the young man announced his lifelong ban from Fortnite with a video on his Youtube channel.

A message that you don't want to receive - Youtube

Why such a sanction? Simply because the player used Aimbots, i. e. cheating software that allows the player to improve the accuracy of his shots. A bonus that is obviously welcome in a game like Fortnite... but which has not gone unnoticed by Epic Games. The player has therefore been banned from the game for life (for the moment) and will no longer be allowed to edit any videos related to the game on his Youtube and Twitch channels.

Epic Games' strict policy against cheating

Unless Epic Games changes its mind in the next few days and withdraws the sanction, Jarvis' latest video on the subject will remain his final moving footage where he apologises and justifies himself. 'All I wanted was for my videos to be enjoyable to watch. I never thought I'd be banished from Fortnite, it didn't even cross my mind. This is the very first time I have used Aimbots and I have never done it in competition.' These are important statements, but the most striking thing is undoubtedly the attitude of the young man. As the video goes on, he has more and more difficulty holding back his distress and it is only logical that he starts to lose it and finally bursts into tears.

Jarvis is far from being the first to use these famous Aimbots but he paid the price of Epic Games' 'zero tolerance' policy. This policy has been reinforced since last year, when Epic Games acquired Kamu, a Finnish company specialising in online game security, to combat against cheating. Concerning Jarvis, a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #FreeJarvis has just been launched to ease the player's pain.

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