De-Ice Your Windscreen In No Time With These Household Objects

Here are some tips to de-ice your windscreen without having to use that dreaded pound shop ice scraper.

With the cold temperatures lingering around the UK, in what’s been an unusually bitter winter, motorists have had to brave the icy conditions and de-ice their cars every morning. And yes, the scraper/heating method may well do the job. However, we’ve got some tips and tricks that will allow you to de-ice even quicker and with little effort.

1. The potato

The night before, arm yourself with a couple of raw potatoes and rub the outside of your windscreen vigorously. This will prevent frost setting on it as the potato leaves a thin protective film behind it.

2. The onion

The night before, slice an onion in half and coat your entire windscreen, by rubbing the onion across it. Similar to the potato, the juice left by the onion will prevent it from frosting over.


Again, another preventative measure to take the night before. Mix white vinegar and water together in a spray bottle and spray the mixture across your windscreen. This will stop ice forming.

4. Coarse salt

If you forget to take any of the measures above the night before, fear not! Put coarse salt in a piece of cloth, mix it with warm water and rub it across your windscreen. The frost will disappear like magic!

Driving with a frosted windscreen can be extremely dangerous and if you have children in the car, it’s not just your own life you’re risking. Leaving your engine running unattended whilst defrosting your car is not only irresponsible; it could invalidate your insurance. So take on board these handy tips and don’t let the wintery conditions snowball into a more expensive problem.

Check out the video above for more on how you can de-ice your car in no time!

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