We bet you didn't know what these everyday objects are used for

What is that tiny pocket in your jeans is for? Why is there a tiny hole in passengers' windows on the plane? The reason behind these everyday objects might surprise you.

Woman looking confused
© Sergio Mendoza Hochmann via Getty Images
Woman looking confused

Ever noticed how on the back of your dress shirts, just below the collar, there is a little loop, just big enough to fit a pinky finger? Well, it turns out there is a very practical purpose behind this invention—it can be used to hang our shirt if you're out of hangers! Smart, huh?

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2. That tiny pocket in your jeans

Not big enough to fit your iPhone, and too small to retrieve change that's inadvertently fallen in there. So what exactly is that tiny pocket in your jeans for? Apparently, it was first added to Levi's jeans design in 1890 to hold your pocket watch.

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Tiny pocket in your jeans Jason Leung via Unsplash

3. That tiny hole on airplane windows

Once you understand the purpose of these tiny holes, you'll be thankful it exists! Those holes are there to help regulate the pressure inside the plane as you're soaring through the sky. And don't worry, there is very little change that the plane window will crack.

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Airplane window Faris Mohammed via Unsplash

4. Those two bumps on your keyboard

Those two bumps are actually there to help you remember where each letter key is on your keyboard. If you're a pro typer, typing 60 words per minute, you're probably not looking down at your keyboard too often to locate the 'f' or the 'o,' right? You've most likely unconsciously memorized where each key is, and part of that is thanks to those bumps on your keyboards.

Keyboard Clay Banks via Unsplash

5. That little pocket in women's underwear

Now, there's a doozer! First things first, that little pocket in women's underwear is actually called a gusset. Nowadays, underwear are often made cheaply—unless you're investing in silk underwear for your lady friend. Unfortunately, cheap fabrics like polyester, nylon or lycra can really irritate one's private parts. That's why the gusset was invented. It should be made of more vagina-friendly material like silk or cotton and offer protection for a lady's private parts.

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