They married and divorced 23 times in a month

Divorcees Mr Pan and Ms Shi found an opportunity to exploit a the system through re-marriage. Except they didn't stop when they should have.

Happy newlyweds
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Happy newlyweds

There are some homes that truly make us dream. And sometimes, some people will do anything and everything to get what they want. Few things may illustrate this more than what took place in China.

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China has been going through many developments in recent years. It has become common to demolish old buildings and build over them shiny new complexes. In 2011, the State Council passed regulations detailing how residents should be compensated if they are to relocate.

A daring scam

A new flat of some 40 square meters was being given to any person registered in the civil state as being a resident of the Feijichangjiao villagein the Zhejiang province in the east of the country. An incredible deal from which Mr. Pan could not benefit since he is unfortunately registered in another town. His ex-wife, however, has the right address.

So, the lovebirds-in-crime re-married and divorced in the span of a couple days. Just enough time for Mr. Pan to reach his holy grail: the certificate of residence in the municipality, which, according to the law, he can keep even after a separation. The man finally obtained the coveted property!

So he doubled-down

He'd reached his prize so easily... Why not take it further? Having become a resident of the village, the man wanted to share the boon with his family ...

He married and divorced his sister-in-law within 15 days, then her sister in turn, explains AFP. For her part, Madam Shi also thrived in the same way, using the same process with another ex-husband of hers... Convenient, isn't it?

In total, in just a short month, 11 people, cousins, brothers or sisters went through 23 marriages and divorces! But they were too greedy, too fast, and thus drew the attention of the Lishui police department who immediately opened an investigation. All 11 members of the family were arrested. To date, Four have been detained, while others are out on bail.

In China, 11 People Married And Divorced 23 Times In One Month For A Surprising Reason In China, 11 People Married And Divorced 23 Times In One Month For A Surprising Reason