5 tips to maximise your resistance

Do not confuse more endurance with resistance.

5 tips to maximise your resistance
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5 tips to maximise your resistance

One often thinks wrongly that one must work on one's endurance at any price while mixing this concept up with the concept of resistance. To make things clear once and for all, endurance is the duration of effort regardless of its intensity, while resistance (or stamina) is the ability to maintain maximum effort.

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To give a comparison order, we will judge your endurance on a marathon, compared to a generally constant effort over time. And we will judge your resistance on the time you can hold running at your maximum speed. To improve it, here is a list of tips you can follow. Why strengthen his resistance? Simply because it will allow you to be more efficient.

Master the basic movements

Let's get back to basics to start. If you do not master your technique perfectly, it is useless to go further. When one begins to tire, the body tends to want to conserve as much energy as possible. It is often at this point that we cheat and our execution technique is deplorable. Concentrate on the form of your movements, no matter how tired, and at worst, reduce the load.

Do a little HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) appeared a few years ago. Often decried in bodybuilding because it does not allow to take muscle mass, this training method is very effective to increase its resistance. Indeed, the effort is so intense that even on a short time it turns out to be just as good as a long session of cardio. Sometimes, less than ten minutes suffice if the intensity is at its peak.

Practice active recovery

The concept of active recovery is sometimes misinterpreted. It's not a question of going on a session on aching muscles, on the contrary. Your body needs rest between sessions, leave it alone. Active recovery is continuing to make a light effort between high-intensity series. Fractional is the most concrete example of active recovery: 80% race, then rest race. Many top athletes practice this technique to eliminate lactic acid after an intense effort. We are talking about scrubbing.

This is the advice that is usually given to you in general. Variety is the key to complete and successful training, to make you the best athlete possible. It is not a question of completely changing your sessions, but of adjusting certain details to reach your goals. Do you have good running skills? Challenge yourself with intervals, ribs, steps, or simply change the terrain to increase your ability to sustain some effort.

Play with plyometrics

Plyometry is a training technique that involves using muscles in an unusual way, usually at bodyweight. We focus on muscle tone, directional changes or momentum jumps. The jump box is an excellent plyometric exercise for explosiveness. In addition, most of these exercises use our cardio. So do not neglect it.

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