Gmail: All the changes coming to the email service in February

Technology is constantly evolving and, as such, in a bid to lure people away from Microsoft teams and zoom, Google has revamped Gmail.

Gmail goes for a revamp and billions will be forced to change their apps
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Gmail goes for a revamp and billions will be forced to change their apps

When you open your emails again, things will look a little different. That's because Google is planning a major redesign of Gmail that will require you to utilise more of the company's other services. You can opt in to start using the new appearance from February 8. If you don't like it, you can revert to the old layout—but only for a limited time.

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Change is the only constant!

With the constant need to upgrade technology to better satisfy people's needs, Google is also taking a step forward. The new revamped Gmail look will be out on February 8; however, the tech giant will give users time to adjust to the changes. Google is progressively making the new layout available this month, with the option to revert to the old style available until April.

However, the arrangement won’t last long. Google plans to keep only the new appearance in the future. As such, whether you like it or not, you'll be stuck with it by the end of June. According to the business, the new experience will help users stay on top of what's essential and get work done faster.

Old is gold?

While some adjustments and revamps are necessary, too much change in the user interface can make users feel uneasy. Thus, Gmail’s new appearance may gratify some instantly while entirely annoying others. Although, thankfully, the modifications don't cause too much disruption. The most significant difference, aside from a new look, is the prominence of other apps.

As a way to entice users away from Microsoft Teams and Zoom, Google has introduced Chat, Spaces, and Meet. According to the corporation, notification bubbles for other apps will also appear. Someone who likes having everything in one location will likely find it really beneficial. Others, on the other hand, may find it distracting and would rather keep things separate. In other Apple news, the company has unveiled a slew of new iPhone emojis, including a pregnant man and two saucy icons.

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