Here It Comes: Male Birth Control Is Coming Sooner Than You Think...

Scientists have just finished testing on the male birth control, and the results are looking more than promising. Could now be THE time to change?

male birth control
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male birth control

For ages now we’ve heard of a male equivalent of the female contraceptivepill being in the pipeline. After this last round of testing completed by researchers, it seems like male birth control might be coming sooner than we had expected.

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After closely surveying 83 participants, scientists have claimed to have made a breakthrough. They claim that testing on all men in the study yielded a success. The pill, when taken once daily for a month, was shown to be effective and safe. The best news: the drug shows no impact on the libido.

A first time, but not without hitches

What sets the drug dimethandrolone undecanoate, or DMAU, apart from all other previous attempts at the male pill is the fact that it succeeds in keeping the hormones ingested inside the system for a long enough period of time. Other versions have proved unsuccessful due to man’s ability to quickly metabolise and clear these hormones out of the system.

However, it’s not all good news for men. Scientists have observed a few small hiccups during the research of this particular male contraceptive pill. All men involved in the study were observed to have gained weight, as well as see a decrease in their HDL, thegood kind of cholesterol. What do you think – worth the trade off?

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