This Is The Perfect Position For Maximum Pleasure

Britain’s second-favourite sexual position not only stimulates the G-spot but it also has several other benefits.

We won’t leave you in suspense any longer, the perfect position for optimum pleasure is doggy style. A major reason for this is that it makes it easier to reach the G spot quicker than other positions. It also has other advantages.

Letting go is important

Whilst making love, many people feel awkward or embarrassed about making eye contact with their partner. With doggy style, there is no visual contact, so letting go is easier and much more fun!

Another advantage is that the “giver” has a panoramic view of their partner's body, which can be a huge turn-on.

Doggy style also allows you to tease the vagina and penetrate in different directions, unlike the missionary position where you can go only in one direction. Doggy style also makes vaginal and clitoral orgasms easier to achieve as the clitoris is free and easier to access, and can thus be stimulated manually or with sex toys.

Doggy style against back pain

Contrary to popular belief, doggy style does not cause backaches, in fact it can have the opposite effect. In this position, both partners relieve themselves of backaches and also build up their back strength. Doggy style also helps you to feel maximum pleasure and become closer to your partner.

The best position for small penises

Last but not least, doggy style is the best position for those who have a smaller member. So if you have a small tool, this position allows for deeper penetration and gives you direct access to the clitoris.

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