Two Of The Stars From Money Heist Are In A Real Life Relationship

It turns out two of the main characters from Money Heist are actually together in real life!

Money Heist
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Money Heist

The Spanish magazine Cuore has recently revealed several photos of two actors from La Casa de Papel, or Money Heist in English, looking very close and loved up. The photos in question are of Maria Pedraza and Jaime Lorente, aka Alison Parker and Denver!

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For over a year now, the two actors have been looking very close on Instagram, leaving little doubt in the eyes of fans who were hoping to see them end up together. It seems this wish has now been granted, since the Spanish magazine Cuore revealed several photos of the two actors looking closer than ever in the edition of the magazine that was published on 23rd October 2018. In one of these photos, you can see them kissing and walking hand in hand… How cute is that!

The two lovebirds first met on set of the popular series Money Heist and even ended up working together again in the new Netflix series Elite. While they were filming this series, Maria Pedraza and Jaime Lorente got a lot closer, especially since they play a secret couple in the show which helped them to fall in love in reality!

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