This Girl Says She’s Single Because of Her ‘Perfect’ Body

When it comes to seduction, beauty is a significant asset. But what about when it turns into a disability? According to this English woman, she's simply too beautiful to find her soul mate.

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Can we be too beautiful to find love? For British woman Cherelle Neille who lives in Manchester, the answer is definitely yes.

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'I only kiss frogs'

According to this 26-year-old, she can't seem to find the right one for her due to her good physique. In her opinion, her appearance prevents her from finding a serious man - her last attempts having ended up offering no-one else to display by her side. Neille claims:

Men never want to know me as a person; ordinary girls find lasting relationships, while I only kiss frogs,'

'My looks only attract the wrong people, and I'm considered a naughty girl when in reality, I'm a nice person,' she complains.

Every time I'm on a date, they only care about my body, they never listen to what I have to say, my last boyfriend just wanted to parade me in front of his friends - he didn't even want a serious conversation with me.

But for her, it's not a question of giving up her sexy outfits and glamorous look to find the man of her life.

Cherelle Neille wants to continue to be herself, even if her appearance is an obstacle to her happiness. 'I don't want to be less beautiful; I just want men to treat me differently. I think there's a big problem in today's society with the way we treat beautiful women.'

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