Love is blind: Woman lists 5 good things about being in a relationship with a blind person

Niya Esperanza posted a video on social media about the 5 things she could do without her blind boyfriend noticing.

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This girl has gone viral on TikTok in a comical but realistic way, following affectionate jokes made about why being with her blind boyfriend is 'perfect.'

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TikToker @niyaesperanza posted a lighthearted video on the social network tagging her boyfriend in the caption and writing, '@jakeolson61 is the perfect boyfriend and here's why...'

In the video, Niya lists five good things about being in a relationship with a guy who is blind.

She said:

Number one: never look at other girls. So if this is something you want in your relationship, find someone he can't see.
Number two: it doesn't matter what I look like and I specifically don't have to comb my hair.
Number three: I don't have to hide his birthday or Christmas presents because if I don't tell him they're there, he won't go and get them.

She continued saying:

Number four: unless I tell him, he doesn't know I'm recording him, which is great for content creation on TikTok.
Finally, he says that the fact that he doesn't know how to drive eliminates driving from behind, before retracting: 'I mean... I wish it were true, but it's the thought that counts.'

The clip has been viewed 2.7 million times and in a subsequent video, she reiterated that the video was a joke.

She went on to talk about how she sees her boyfriend's disability as a 'blessing.'


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Finally she said that:

"Although disability can be seen as something difficult, it can be used in people's lives as a blessing, to bless other people or to bless that person's life," Niya Esperanza closed.
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