Why you should always ask for a receipt when paying with a bank card

As a rule of thumb, you should always double-check your receipt to make sure you weren't charged more thank expected.

We often don't pay attention, but this act can save us from some unpleasantness.

'Do you want a copy of the receipt?'

You're at the checkout and have paid for your items. The clerk then asks you the inevitable question: 'Do you want a copy of the receipt?'

We have become accustomed to saying no, almost robotically, for a variety of reasons: we're in a hurry, a concern for the environment or simply disinterest. However, you may want to think twice next time.

Banks have offered us a tip that may save us a lot of money and troubles! There is a way to check that you have not been cheated or that there have been no errors at the time of payment.

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  • When making a contactless payment, check the amount on the screen when you are holding your card up. Then, the copy can help you keep track of how much you spend.
  • You should also always keep the receipt, this way you can make sure that the amount shown on the receipt is identical to the amount on the card.
  • Periodically review your card spending to keep track.
  • Ask your bank about the possibility of sending you an SMS every time you make a card payment.

With these simple tips, your money will not be at risk every time you are about to make one of these everyday payments.

Man asked to pay back mysterious £110,000 that appeared in his bank account Man asked to pay back mysterious £110,000 that appeared in his bank account