He deposited £700 in Monopoly money into his bank account

A young man in France managed to deposit Monopoly money into a bank branch in 2019. A few hours later, £700 was credited to his account.

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We've all dreamt of replenishing our bank accounts with Monopoly money. Bastien, a young man in his twenties, actually did it! No, this is not a joke. His story will leave you speechless!

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A scam using Monopoly money

Following a bet, the young man from France tried to deposit a bundle of 50,000 banknotes, the biggest denomination of money from the board game, into a French bank located in a small town. A few hours later, surprise! Bastien's account was credited with £700, as reported by La Nouvelle République.

A sum that the young man did not delay in withdrawing in full to go and spend it, before a second attempt that exposed his scam. He tried to withdraw money once again, but his transaction was refused. The bank management at the branch then summoned him and filed a complaint for fraud.

‘I didn’t want to scam anyone’

During his appearance before the court, Bastien justified himself as best he could:

It was a big joke between friends. I didn't want to scam anyone.

But this was not enough to win the clemency of the court, which obliged the young man to pay back the amount swindled from the bank. Bastien was also given a suspended sentence of one month in prison and 70 hours of community service. All this without passing Go!

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