This Is How Much Neymar Pays His Entourage

After 4 seasons in Santos, where he rose to fame, Neymar flew over to Barça, where he formed one of the best attacking trios football has seen in the last 10 years, with Messi and Suarez. However, Neymar, who is currently at PSG, hasn't forgotten his Brazilian roots. In fact, he keeps his family and friends very close.

Neymar Pays His Friends Every Month!
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Neymar Pays His Friends Every Month!

Neymar has been taking Europe by a storm since his 2013 debut at FC Barcelona. But he didn't do it alone -- he took his family and friends from Brazil with him.

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Just like every other footballer who's tried their luck abroad, the Santos native, who was very young when he moved to Europe, had to adjust to a new culture.

While the transition is smooth for some, others have a little more trouble letting go. But Neymar figured out the perfect way to avoid getting homesick in Barcelona and Paris. Indeed, he brought all his best friends along so he could see them every day.

The 7 men form a big brotherhood they call ''Toiss." Each one of them has a very specific role in the Brazilian superstar's life:

- Jo Amancio, his adopted brother,

- Guilherme Pitta, who plans the Brazilian player's leisure activities,

- Gustavo Almeida and Cristian Guedes, who manage the family business,

- Gilmar Cebola Araujo, his personal photographer, and

- Alvaro Costa, who helped him get settled in Europe when he was younger.

Neymar with his 6 friends during a trip to Brazil

According to Mundo Deportivo, he pays them £10,000 a month. That's a lot of money going into his friends' 6 pockets, but it's nothing compared to Neymar's salary.

He makes £33 million a year at Paris Saint-Germain alone. Top that off with bonuses, commissions, and endorsement deals...

It pays to be friends with Ney!

This Is the incredible amount of money Neymar pays his friends This Is the incredible amount of money Neymar pays his friends