How to tell if someone is lying to you, according to a secret military technique

Former Special Forces Sergeant Major Karl Erickson revealed a very simple technique for spotting whether or not someone is lying to you.

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First of all, forget everything you've seen in films and TV shows. No, if someone is darting their eyes left or right does not tell you if the person is lying. Special Forces Sergeant Major Karl Erickson said:

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That may be true for some people, but you need to know that there are people who do this just because they are nervous or scared. You have to find out the basic elements of each individual to know if they are sincere.

Do a background check

The best way to get to know the person is to check out their social networks to find out more about them and to find things in their life that might make them feel uncomfortable.

This is where body language comes into play. Study their movements carefully, do they clear their throat before answering? Do they sway back and forth? All these details can tell you whether they are lying or not.

Reformulate your questions

After looking into and assessing the person you are talking to, you can ask the question you do not know the answer to and if you think they are lying, ask the question three different ways. This way you will see if you get the same answer or if the phrases are identical.

You can also note the speed at which the person you are talking to is speaking. If they respond immediately without thinking, they have already prepared their answer beforehand.

A second observer for more success

Moreover, a second pair of eyes and ears are sometimes not unwelcome, according to Karl Erickson.

Whenever possible, have a second observer in the room. This will give you a second opinion, someone who will notice things you may have missed.

With this unstoppable technique, you will now be able to detect if the person in front of you is hiding something from you.

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