Under quarantine? Here are 5 tips to make your own home gym!

No money? Asocial? Or simply under quarantine? Here's what you need to know before turning your garage into a gym.

Under quarantine? Here are 5 tips to make your own home gym!
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Under quarantine? Here are 5 tips to make your own home gym!

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to join a gym. And even when they can, some people don't want to join one. But everyone shares a common desire to work out. The ultimate solution is to build your own gym.

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This is a rewarding project that may seem easily achievable, and yet it requires organisation. A lot of organisation.

Take measurements before you buy your equipment

This is the first step. You generally have limited space, so you'll have to optimise it as much as possible in order to work out effectively, and avoid a disaster before you have even begun your first session.

Measure the dimensions of your available space and write them down. You'll then know what kind of equipment will fit, and you will then be able to plan out your personal weight room.

Buy only the equipment you need

Once you have taken the measurements, define the type of training you want to do. What are your goals? From there, you will know what equipment you need to buy. No need to think, ‘I'll take this, maybe it can help me just in case.’ No. Be judicious, at the risk of losing valuable space and breaking your budget.

Avoid buying large equipment

Speaking of budgets, weight-lifting equipment is often very expensive. So it would be better, if you don't have unlimited funds, to go for free weights. Besides, nowadays there are adjustable and square dumbbells which can once again save on space.

If you absolutely want to buy large workout equipment, try to find something complete and versatile. If you want to invest in something, find something that will allow you to do as many exercises as possible, while taking up as little space as possible.

Get a cardio mat

Cardio is undoubtedly the area that requires the least amount of equipment. Don't bother with a very expensive treadmill. Get a yoga mat and do HIIT. Cardio can also be strengthened with free weights by working on short recovery times (this is in fact called CrossFit). It all depends on your goals.

Get an adjustable bench and an Olympic bar

If we were to tell you to buy only one piece of equipment, it would be an adjustable bench. It allows you to do all types of exercises by varying the angles. An Olympic bar can be handy, but dumbbells are often better suited for a personal gym, due to lack of space.

As for the rest, be imaginative. Use a tire and rope to work on strength and explosiveness, for example. In addition, you will rest easy knowing the rubber didn’t end up going to a waste disposal site to burn.

5 Tips To Successfully Build A Home Gym 5 Tips To Successfully Build A Home Gym