5 Reasons You Should Exercise Outside Rather Than In The Gym

Getting some fresh air will do you more good than you think, even if the weather isn’t great outside.

5 Reasons You Should Exercise Outside Rather Than In The Gym
5 Reasons You Should Exercise Outside Rather Than In The Gym

With the nice weather approaching, athletes are now leaving their hibernation in the gyms and stepping outside for the first time in a while. This scene is generally observed between March and April but should be witnessed all year long. In fact, working out in the fresh air has lots of benefits that you don’t get indoors. So, here are five that could change your mind about it.

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1 – Working out outside is free and you can do it whenever you want

We know that you your wallet is very dear to you. Especially because of what is in it. Working out outside doesn’t cost you anything, except exercise clothes. There are also no opening times, so you could go running at 2am in the park if you really wanted to. It’s an option, but you do so at your own risk. In addition, you wouldn’t have to wait for a machine or have to alternate, because even at peak times, outside is huge and open to everyone.

2 – Being outside improves your mood and health

It’s been proven, getting fresh air is very good for improving your mood. Combine that with the fact that exercising produces dopamine, exercising outside allows you to combat depression. It can also be good your health, since it reduces the risks of contracting heart problems even more. If you’re worried about pollution, keep in mind that the benefits are a lot greater than the possible health risks. And if you’re still worried about it, there are masks you can get to filter the air.

3 – There are infinite exercise possibilities

Exercising outside means you can be more imaginative, there are endless possibilities. You can go where you want, do what you want and adapt your workout to your environment. The terrain isn’t always flat and smooth like on a treadmill, so you have to be more careful which will strengthen your muscles more. As for your mood, you can always adapt your workout to what there is around you. You have complete freedom.

4 – You will be more active

When you’re outside, you have to keep moving if you don’t want to get cold or burn too quickly. Also, since you don’t always have somewhere to sit unlike in a gym, you have to stay active. Another important thing is that outside, there are no waiting times, so there’s no risk of you standing around talking with someone else for 10 minutes.

5 – You can go outside regardless of the weather

There are obviously more people outside between March and September than between October and February, but the cold and the rain shouldn’t get in the way of your workout. On the contrary, you should take these natural elements as a challenge to overcome, you’ll be proud of yourself afterwards. Of course, we’re not telling you to brave a snowstorm or extreme temperatures but exercising when it’s cold is also very good for you.

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